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Let’s Start The Journey

Struggling with self-esteem, career challenges or relationship problems? Trying to create positive change? If so, let me take this opportunity to say I’m glad you are here.

As a coach, my goal is to create a warm, supportive environment so that you can better understand your feelings and move through the barriers that stop you from becoming who you were created to be.   


Solution Focused Counsel & Coaching

Together, we’ll explore why you aren’t where you’d like to be. We’ll root-out roadblocks, assess negative thoughts and transform self-limiting beliefs. Afterward, we’ll identify measurable goals and create a plan of action.  

By choosing with a solution-focused counselor and coach, you’ll get the tools, guidance, and discipline you need to start living your best life. For this to happen, there needs to be a willingness to do the work. 

Our approach to coaching is culturally sensitive. We highlight and integrate each mans cultural values, morals, and beliefs to provide support, guidance, and encouragement. We are dedicated to inspiring, provoking, educating and empowering male children, adolescents, and adults to become more confident and wholistic individuals.



The areas we counsel & coach men through include:

  • Men's Issues 

  • Anxiety & Stress 

  • Self Development & Insight

  • Self-Esteem & Confidence 

  • Individual Masculinity Defining 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Career Challenges & Transitions 

  • Sexual Trauma 

  • College Readiness & Persistence 

  • Spiritual Growth & Awareness 

  • Fatherlessness 

  • Professional Development 

  • Pre-Marital Counseling 

  • Sex Addiction

  • Resume Writing & Employment Assistance

  • Orphanism 

  • Mentorship

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