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Hi There! I'm ROBERT.


a speaker, author, and male empowerment coach who helps boys and men win within!




  • 50% of men feel more depressed than they admit to their friends and family

  • Men die by suicide 3.7 times more often than women

  • Every 73 seconds a person is sexually assaulted

  • 80% of  rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes

  • Boys and Men who experience bullying are at increase

  • 88% of men who are currently in prison grew up in a  fatherless home

  • 1 in 3 men has experienced a sexually traumatic experience


Author | Male Empowerment Coach | Dad  | Mentor

Robert is one of the top empowerment and wellness empowerment speakers, and he’s on a mission to inspire 1 Million boys and men through his empowerment speaking. Robert’s journey to wholeness from bullying, fatherlessness, and sexual traumatic experiences make him the perfect advocate for boys and men looking to overcome adverse and traumatic experiences.


His story of academic challenges in school, fatherlessness, bullying, and sexual trauma, and low self-worth, is one that resonates with boys and men alike.  Not only did Robert overcome the challenges of his past, but he eventually went on to graduate from an alternative High School on time, and then went to college and obtained multiple degrees in educational leadership.  In addition to his educational success, Robert is also the author of six published books and is the successful owner of two companies.

Robert’s passion for helping boys and men achieve healing and personal abundance is powered by his vision to see all people set free from unjust and inequitable systems, socioeconomic walls, emotional blockages, and traumatic boundaries caused by adverse childhood and life experiences.  Marshall truly believes every human has the ability to walk in total wholeness and unlock their greatness. ​


Marshall is a leading expert, author, and one of the premier male empowerment speakers in the educational and wellness arenas.



"Through his transparent and transcending empowerment speaking and coaching, Robert shares his personal journey to wholeness, which includes a battle with anxiety, depression, suicide, and low self-esteem.  His story, he will inspire and empower anyone to reject self-defeating thoughts and emotional and psychological boundaries"  - Dr. Roy Philipps


"Robert has a unique way of connecting with boys and men and any audience in a real and relevant way. His objective is for anyone he stands in front of is to recognize and actualize the power of their story so they can experience a whole and purpose-filled life." - Ms. Janis McReynolds


I was going through a difficult time in my life with a dysfunctional marriage and Robert helped me to make sense of my situation. His insight  helped me to lift a huge mental weight off myself as he was very easy to talk to.  He is one of the most practical, empathetic, rational and fun individuals I’ve been able to interact with. He is ethical, thoughtful, balanced yet direct and to the point. Robert has been an instrumental part of a fundamental shift in my emotional and mental well-being. With tendencies of suffering great lows and destructive patterns of thinking, he has given me the tools to understand my thoughts, actions and recognize behaviors. I would gladly recommend him to others which is why I am happy to write this. - Dave Peterson


Author | Male Empowerment Coach | Dad  | Mentor


"Healing Is The Journey,

Wholeness Is The Destination"

- Robert H. Marshall Jr. .png



Find Your Purpose, Respect & Honor, Bullying, Don't Quit, Worth, Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny, Achieving & Sustaining Success, Dare 2 Dream, Overcoming Fatherlessness, You've Got To Want It, Write Your Own Story


Dadding 101, What Every Man Needs To Know, How to Carry the Weight of the World, Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences, Just Play: Father and Childhood Engagement, I Am Man, Living Life After Prison, Real Men Cry, Living For Legacy


You've Got This!

It's In your MakeUp,

Drop The Weight,

Speak Up,

Rebelious Women.


The "Why", Dream Out Loud, Let's Innovate, Educating The Future, Academic & Student Success, Retention Strategies To Retain Underrepresented Student Groups,

Policy & Curriculum Inclusivity, To The Future, Diversity & Inclusion, Bridge Programs & Mentorship Initiatives, Connecting with Vulnerable Student Groups & Their Communities, ReWriting The Narrative

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Have you experienced sexual trauma? Have you kept it to yourself? If so, it's time to break your silence and walk in freedom! I believe that your story is worth sharing. Sharing our lived experiences is how we evolve, heal, and empower ourselves and generations to come. If you or a loved one have experienced any form of sexual trauma and is living, it's time to tell the story. Perhaps you've never thought about writing your story, or maybe you've been thinking about writing something for years. Either way, there is a story inside you that deserves to be told, preserved, and honored. Join me during this moment to impact the lives of men and women victims by submitting your story.  Our hope is to collect stories from men from all walks of life to produce an anthology book to inspire and encourage men to begin their wholeness journey. People Need your story of truth, strength, perseverance, and hope. This is an opportunity to become a warrior of hope an opportunity to free yourself & others from their shame and silence. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking your story isn't worth telling or that you will offend other people. This is an opportunity to speak your truth from your perspective to help save and empower others. Don't hesitate share your story today. 

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Speak Up Even If Your Voice Shakes

-----   Maggie Kuhn


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We create products that inspire and empower boys and men to live out their truth and become the best version of themselves.


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Chicago, IL


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