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Our team

Our Vision

We strengthen men to strengthen communities 


Robert Marshall

Chief Operating Officer, Founder

Robert, CEO of IAmMan Inc., a non-profit organization that produces products, services, and support to men and boys throughout all stages of development. Marshall believes men are grossly misunderstood and often lack the skills and resources needed to become who they desire to be. He is committed to advocating, educating, and coaching men on how to redefine their narratives by taking back their power to choose whom they want to be by providing the space and roadmap for them to reclaim their authentic manhood and masculinity.


  • Bachelors of Arts, North Park University

  • Masters in Education Leadership, Purdue University


Life Coach, Restorative Justice, Conflict Transformation

Isaiah Negron

It's not about how hard you get hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward - Rocky Balboa

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Core Team Member

Isaiah Negron is committed to empowering and mentoring young people to become the best version of themselves and is the author of Known By Him

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Executive Administrator

De'Quan is a native of Detroit, Michigan is passionate about providing opportunities for men to heal from traumatic life experiences


Financial Team Member

Brandon is a business professional, husband, and father to a tribe of amazing children. His background in non-profit and financial management is what drew him to I Am Man.

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Core Team Member

Rich Giffis is a senior marketing professional in Durham, NC currently pursing his graduate degree in Mental and Clinical Health. He is committed husband and proud #GirlDad

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Core Team Member

Christopher Bolder is the CEO of Bolder Faith, LLC and author of Amazon best seller Broken. After serving a number of years in prison he has committed his life to creating pathways for ex-convicts to rebuild their lives after incarceration. 

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Core Team Member

Paul is a committed faith leader and  successful serial entrepreneur. His commitment to community development and empowering disenfranchised people groups is what set's him apart from the rest. He is a proud husband and father of four. 

What We do

We are a non-profit organization that strengthens men. We help men connect with themselves and others to lead more successful, fulfilling lives. We aim to support as many men as we can over the next five years. We are building a safe space where every man's story matters. As a 501c(3), we invest profits and donations directly into operational costs, programming, and the technology required to inspire and strengthen the lives of men, their families, and communities. 

Our Vision & Scope

We are a resource hub for men who are navigating the various phases of life and manhood. We advocate, educate, coach and empower men on how to redefine their narratives by taking back their power to chose whom they desire to be. We provide the space and roadmap for them to reclaim their authentic manhood and masculinity while providing resources that enable them to become whole contributors to their families and communities. 

our areas of focus


We have developed a series of resources, products, and services as a result of research that highlights the importance of the role the father plays in ensuring the success of their child(ren) and strengthening the community.

Underrepresented Student Groups

We provide culturally sensitive mentorship, advisement, and tutoring services for male students. Through our ARROW mentorship initiative, we are committed to eradicating boundaries to success.

Survivors of Sexual Violence

We are committed to creating and networking with other local organizations with resources to assist us in creating safe spaces that help us combat the negative effects of unhealed sexual trauma in male victims.

Returning Citizens

We believe every human being deserves a second chance! Through our programming, we reduce recidivism rates among men of color. Our goal is to restore hope through love, support, training, and access to all that's needed to create a better future for themselves and their community. 

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