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“Little Brown Boy” is a vividly illustrated culture-based book that helps our boys DREAM BIG, BE PROUD, and


Little Brown Boy teaches its readers about the importance of confidence, family, diversity, justice, kindness, education, and courage. Its message's simplicity touches the heart of children and speaks

to the inner boy in every adult male that reads it.


Through playful and vivid illustrations, Little Brown

Boy motivates young readers to learn and be proud

of their own cultural heritage and gifts and how they

fit into the world as they grow, explore, and begin to create for themselves. Little Brown Boy is a beautiful easy read for children from pre-k to third grade. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives

of generations to come.



Little Brown Boy enriches social and emotional development. Social and emotional skills allow children to "understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions" (CASEL). These human capacities in children lead to improved academic outcomes and wellbeing (CASEL).


There is evidence that our brains treat interactions between fictional characters similarly to real-life social experiences. This makes stories an excellent medium to explore human social and emotional life as we identify with characters' desires, challenges, motives, and feelings. Fictional stories like Little Brown Boy allow children to learn from experiences they have never had, including those that arouse difficult emotions, within the safety of a contained world that is not real. Little Brown Boy also serves as a point of reference for children as characters model coping strategies, creative problem-solving, and accepting differences (Roberts and Crawford, 2008).


Not surprisingly, frequent readers can better empathize with others and see the world from different perspectives (Paul, 2012). Little Brown Boy also advances educational equity and representation among the myriad of other children's books that lack cultural relevance and diversity. This book speaks to the experiences of Little Brown Boys around the world. The book and character humanize Little Brown Boy's lived experiences and creates a framework to address and dismantle the internal struggles of children of color.  


Little Brown Boy is available in 

multiple languages!


To order any language

in Bulk (10 or more) please send

us an email with your preferred

language as well as the quantity you

are interested in ordering.

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Help your little one(s) fall in love with reading by having Little Brown Boy come to your next party, parade, outdoor event, school assembly, or classroom reading time. We offer 30minute to 3-hour visits in-person or virtually when you purchase Little Brown Boy Books in Bulk. During Little Brown Boy's visit, we have a dance party and discuss what it means to be brave, kind, courageous, proud, and respectful. If you are interested in having Little Brown Boy come to your organization or event please let us know by completing the form. 

Little Brown Boy Live

"You are definitely on to something BIG! Speaking to the social-emotional needs of our young men in today's climate is so needed. I enjoyed the consistency and repetition of the intro on each page "Little brown boy did you know...?" I can picture in my mind smiling faces as they read along with their parent, teacher or guardian. Thank you for sharing this timeless yet refreshingly current message with the world! I will be purchasing a copy for my son!"

- Darnell Weathersby M.Ed, Assistant Principal 


“Reflecting on my experience as an adolescent I undersand the importance of affirmation in the life of a child and even more so for children of color. “Little Brown Boy” communicates just that; empowerment and encouragment that reinforces positive self-assessment in children and the child in us all!”   


- Paris Cannon M.Ed, Educator

“Every Parent and Teacher in America who is responsible for raising, educating or nurturing Black and Brown Children need to purchase Little Brown Boy."


- April Brooker Ph.D., Education Administrator

“It's perfect! I've never read a more meaningful children's book

for Brown Boys. Every page speaks of the experiences our students face.

This book will be around for a long time"


- Charles A. Carter M.A., Education Administrator


Share with us how this book has impacted your Little Brown Boy

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