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My path to where I am today was built upon sacrifice, diligent work, heartbreak, and a few really awesome moments. As I traveled toward wholeness, I had mentors and encouragers. Being the first person in my family to attend college, I decided that I was determined to change the trajectory of my life and family history. In addition to being my rock, my wife has assisted me in developing the framework for empowering boys and men who are struggling with adverse childhood and traumatic life experiences.


CEO, survivor on men healing from sexual trauma

Robert Marshall, the CEO of ‘I Am Man:’ & founder of The Survivors Circle joined the Weekend Morning Show to discuss the importance of killing the taboo against sexual trauma against men.



Through his nonprofit,, Marshall brings men together to discuss their sexual trauma. He was afraid no one would attend the first event in 2019, but almost 100 men showed up. Single and married. Black, Hispanic and white. LGBTQ. They were fathers, grandfathers, mostly in their 40s and 50s, many of whom had sworn to take their secrets to the grave, Marshall said. “We automatically have a type of man in mind that this happens to ... but the truth is, sexual abuse or trauma has no specific look.”



Robert Marshall, founder of I Am Man Inc., is not only an advocate for sexual assault victims who are men, but also a survivor himself. Marshall spoke with The Root about how he used his story to empower other survivors to seek wellness and how his upcoming book, Echoes, explores more intimately the stories of survivors and ways to overcome the effects of the trauma.

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“Little Brown Boy” Brings Education and Encouragement to Children’s Literature"

Today, Robert Marshall, a leading expert and male empowerment, announced the release of his latest book. The book, titled “Little Brown Boy,” is a children’s book centered around educational messages regarding kindness, advocacy, courage and culture

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"Robert Marshall Launches the “Little Brown Boy” to Inspire and Touch the Hearts of Children"

People who have overcome seemingly unconquerable trials have the right to wear these triumphs as badges of honor. Indeed, having conquered defeat and struggles is no easy feat. 

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I Am Man Inc. CEO Robert Marshall Empowers Victims Into Warriors!

Perhaps one of the least attended sectors affected by the patriarchy are men themselves. Following the years of toxic conditioning to “take it like a man,” males from all ages and walks of life hesitate to express and embrace their pain. 

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Exclusive Interview with Robert Marshall


My name is Robert Marshall, a survivor of fatherlessness, bullying, and severe trauma. I am on a mission to inspire and empower 1 million boys and men to begin their unique journies to wholeness. I grew up in a small rural town in Georgia, where I worked three jobs to support myself and save enough money to move to Chicago. 

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